dive with manta rays in labuan bajo

Diving Komodo National Park

Diving in the Komodo National Park is the dream of many divers. Exceptionally beautiful dive points, with more than 260 species of coral, and more than 1,000 species of fish. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the richest marine environment on the planet.

You’ll enjoy a clear water cruise on a traditional Phinisi boat (traditional sailing boat), dive into thrilling currents on the large pelagic, and take a trip to witness the prehistoric Komodo dragon. Known as one of the most extraordinary destinations in Indonesia, Komodo National Park is also the best place to enjoy some of the most amazing experiences.

Diving in Komodo National Park is a world-class experience, as you can dive with manta rays, sharks, and giant trevally in the morning, soar over pristine coral for lunch, then hunt and observe for other great variety of life in the afternoon. And you can do all of these, within the park boundaries.  Diving in Komodo National Park with more than 50 dive sites.

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Underwater Life

Komodo National Park contains 385 species of coral reefs, 70 kinds of sponges, various seaweeds. You will see Grey reef shark, Thinshark, Whitetip reef shark, Main Selection Rays, Manta Rays, weetlips, Shooling reef fish, Harlequinshrimp, Unique crabs & shrimps, Seahorse, Pygmy seahorse, Nudibranch, Exotic Nudis, Anenomefish, Plentiful reef life, Soft Coral, Soft corals, ealthy Coral, Healthy corals, Main Selection Turtles, Turtles Year round

Diving Environment


Drift diving, reef diving


5 – 35m+


Advanced divers – most of Labuan Bajo’s sites have strong currents

Diving Season

Year round, but focusing on either the south or north according to the season


5 – 35m


24°C – 29°C
75 °F – 84,2 °F

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The Best Diving & Snorkeling Spots in Labuan Bajo

Ready to explore the underwater of Labuan Bajo? Here are the best diving and snorkeling spots in Labuan Bajo according to Scuba Go!

Batu Bolong Reef (diving), Pulau Kanawa (snorkeling), Taka Makassar (snorkeling), Manta Point (diving), Tatawa Besar (diving), Pink Beach (walk on beautiful pink sand and snorkeling), Pulau Kelor (diving), Crystal Rock (diving), and Pulau Bidadari (diving)

Testimonials of Scubago happy divers

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21:44 07 Jun 24
Thank you very much, I had an unforgettable time with scubago labuan bajo, The trainer is great and very professional. Thanks again 1,000x to the trainer and the amazing teams of scubago labuan bajo, I hope to come back and see you again as soon as possible, see you soon ❤️👋🏼🙏🏼
Wonder ZhangWonder Zhang
05:06 01 Jun 24
Hila, best instructor, with patient theory teaching and practicing
Olivia PalmaOlivia Palma
12:47 31 May 24
This experience changed my life. I got my Padi certificate here and absolutely loved the crew and learning to dive here. Everyone there instantly made you feel at home and spent time after each dive giving feedback and sharing all of the amazing videos and photos they took. I felt well briefed and prepared for each dive and so comfortable in the water. The sites they took us to were absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to come back.
01:01 31 May 24
I just came here because there was a Korean review, and I dived for 3 days in a row. First, I'll write down as much as possible haha.- The crew said that they had stomach problems, so they took a boat arranged by another shop and went out with another shop.(On the first day, I think there were 5 shops, including the Japanese team, ScubaGo team, Chinese team, and European team, and on the second day, I think it was a Scuba Republic ship (mostly European). On the third day, I went to the Dive Komodo team.)- Unlike Philippine banca, there are bean bags on the second floor so you can rest, so the second floor is a dry zone and equipment settings are done on the first floor. This is the same as any shop. It definitely feels different depending on the size of your stomach. So, when I finish diving, I usually take off my suit, rest for a bit on top, and then dive right away. So, 1 hour on the boat? Since the dive lasts about 2 hours, the rest time between dives is not very long. I initially brought a windproof jacket, but since everyone was resting in bikinis on the second floor, I didn't use any windproof jacket at all. The shop here provides towels. When I looked at other shops on the ship, it seemed like they didn't provide towels.- The condition of the equipment is not bad. BC was Aqua Lung, and the breathing apparatus was Aqua Lung Calypso. The rental pin was almost completely similar in shape to the Maresquat open heel. They do all the equipment installation, but I looked at it again myself.- In my case, I brought a suit and boots, and after the dive, I packed them all at the shop and did not take them to the hotel separately.- There are various diving levels. Most of them seem to be advanced, and I think there are 4-5 people per group, including the master. In my case, I did it on a small scale, with 3, 4, or 2 people including the master.- There are so many fish here. There are so many different types of fish that the guide can help you find something. If you have dived a lot, you will know them all. But they are all big lol. Even Nudie is big.- It's an advanced model and I'm a bit picky, so if you go to the shotgun point in the north, it's a good idea to bring a bird hanger. Even if you don't have one, the shop provides one.- I brought gloves, but not everyone is in the mood to do so. I recommend the probe stick because I saw the master using it, and there are quite a few baby white tip sticks. I recommend bringing a lantern.- The masters here try to take a lot of pictures, especially Ricky haha. Going around with Ricky makes me feel like I'm mixed up. Also, I recommend that you ask if Ricky is there before you go. Also, you need to check if you are with Ricky all 3 days (Riki mainly goes to Central. It feels like typing. Do you know what I'm talking about? ^^.. Google is so good at translation these days)On the second day, I did it with a friend other than Ricky, and he felt the same way haha.In my case, I went to Central on the first day and tried manga (holding out against the current), and on the second day, I went north, but my group wasn't at the right level, so I couldn't go shotgun, so on the third day, I requested again that Central was arranged and went north again. no see.At first I said I had to go to Central.Somehow they contacted me and put me and the master on a ship heading north.(It doesn't seem like there are many because the north is far and it takes about 2.5 hours to take a boat.) The northern tide was mediocre, but it was fun to hang the bird hook.Perhaps because there are currents, really big groupers, giant trevally (really really big), and white tips come out often ^^;- There are so many shops here... .. Compare and decide.
Kah HweeKah Hwee
12:10 28 May 24
Had 2 days of amazing dives with Scuba Go. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The waters were clear, weather was great, and all the staff on board were friendly and professionally. Food on board was also decent. The only thing that we didn’t like was how, during our equipment fitting, one of the staff with long hair kept calling one of the girls in my group “babe” or “sweetheart” and kept making jokes directed towards her. Also, although it was mentioned that photos and videos will be taken of us, the dive masters that went with us didn’t not have their own camera equipment. Other than this, everything went perfectly!Update on 28 May 2024: changed my review from 4 to 5 stars as the owner of the dive Center reached out to me to offer his sincere apologies. He also offered compensation which we rejected. I’d still highly recommend this dive center!
Jay SterlingJay Sterling
13:22 23 May 24
We completed several dives with Scuba Go in May 2024. As experienced divers, we had clear ideas about what was important to us. The team mastered this task perfectly. They showed us the best spots in the best weather conditions and were also well informed underwater. The equipment was well maintained, the team was friendly and helpful and the dive center was cozy and central. If we are ever in this area again, we will certainly plan our dives with the Scuba Go team again! Thanks for the great time and best regards from Vienna, Austria!
Jia JiaJia Jia
14:01 22 May 24
My partner and I went diving with Scuba Go 2 days in a row and got assigned to a DM named Ricky. The whole experience with them was 5/5! I asked if they could arrange North area's dive sites for us and they did as well. Scuba Go's team was very professional and friendly. Every dive briefing was clear and detailed. We felt safe with Ricky too. He has sharp eyes and pointed out a lot of cool macro livings during the dives. The boat crew were attentive and helpful throughout the day dives! They would do little things that are really thoughtful like double checking your tank to make sure it's opened and serve you water before your dive.Highly recommend Scuba Go 🙂
10:21 27 Apr 24
Really nice Dive center!!! We went there for our first diving experience and that was amazing. All the crew had been really kind and funny, especially Hila our instructor! He made us very confident and safe in the water we even did the third dive they propose for the unexperienced people like us. We had really good fun and experience with him! We recommend a lot Scuba go and especially Hila 😁.

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