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Komodo Dive Center

Explore the underwater world with our tailored diving courses.

Komodo Dive Center is one of the Top Diamond Rated Dive Centers & Instructor Training Facilities in Indonesia

Explore the Depths with Komodo Dive Hub

Join our Komodo Kids Explorer program, an exciting half-day, full-day, or multiple-day adventure crafted for families. While kids enjoy the Explorer activities, parents can engage in their scuba diving courses.

Why Komodo?

Beatiful diving spot

Best instructors

Reasonable prices

Best Experiences

Dive Deep, Learn Fast with our Courses!

Explore the underwater world with our tailored diving courses. From beginners and kids to Dive Master, we cater to all levels.

Discover Scuba (Beginner)

Fun Dive


Diving the Experience of Heaven in Komodo


Komodo’s Underwater Paradise Unveiled!

Dive into Komodo’s breathtaking underwater spots, where vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life await. Explore crystal-clear waters and vibrant landscapes, unveiling the beauty beneath the surface. Your journey into this marine paradise begins here!

Kelingking Beach

Crystal Bay


Highlight package

Dive Deep with Ease – Our All-Inclusive Diving Package Starts at Only Rp 6.500.000

Ocean Explorer

  • Duration: Half Day (4 hours)
  • Ideal for first-time divers

Reef Voyager

  • Duration: Full Day (8 hours)
  • Suitable for certified divers

Deep Dive Odyssey

  • Multiple Days (Customizable)
  • Suitable for certified Adv. Open Water

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Exploring from Bali to Komodo

ScubaGo is strategically positioned across three stunning locations in Indonesia – Tulamben, Komodo, Sanur, Padang Bai, Candidasa, and Nusa Penida. In Tulamben, our site offers an immersive diving experience with easy access.